Tanqueray the night away

Gin is hip again. Drinkers seemed to have had a serious flirtation with vodka and some with whiskey. But gin bars are flourishing again and serious martini drinkers are spoiled for choice with micro-distillers and new brands renewing the interest for quality gin.

Gin gets both its name and flavour from Juniper berries. First popular in Holland, it was brought to Britain by its  soldiers returning from the Thirty Year’s War  in the 17th century. Hence the term ‘Dutch Courage’. In the mid 19th century, Charles Tanqueray started making gin in London refining a recipe that is secret to this day.

Charles Tanqueray travelled Europe and the Far East in search of spices and other exotic ingredients. His notebooks are still held in company archives today detailing his travels and recipes.


Tanqueray is best known for its London dry gin that comes in the iconic green bottle with a red “T” wax seal. The cornerstone of Tanqueray, it epitomises a London dry gin – distilled four times it only has four botanicals – Juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice.

No 10 was launched in 2000 and reputedly gets its name from the still it is crafted in. Like the techniques of micro-distillers, no 10 is entirely small-batch distilled It has won so many awards it is now the only gin in the World Spirits Hall of Fame. It has distinctly citrus flavours of grapefruit, oranges and limes –but no lemon and a hint of chamomile. No 10 was created for the martini drinker.

The secret to a great gin and tonic? According to bartenders a Copa glass ensures that more ice can be held, chilling the tonic faster. The bowl shape allows for the aromas of Tanqueray’s key botanicals to circulate, enhancing the flavour of the drink.

As part of the inaugural Brisbane Good Food Month, Southbank will host the Night Noodle markets. Restaurant stalls will be dishing up everything from gyoza to bahn-mi to ramen and other Asian delights. Sydney institution Longrain, local favorite Sake Restaurant and Bar, Fat Noodle and Sydney’s queue-worthy Mamak. The Tanqueray Gin Garden Bar will be a popular spot in amongst all the food options. The Night Noodle Markets will run until July 27.


ThisMagnificentLife has partnered with Tanqueray to giveaway a party pack of one bottle of the iconic London Dry Gin, one bottle of Tanqueray No 10 and a pair of the all important Copa glasses.

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