What to do in New York on a rainy day

Just because it’s rainy doesn’t mean you should lose a day or even an hour of your precious holiday time. It can be difficult when it’s raining cats and dogs on a tropical island but big cities offer so much to do on the inside. Especially New York.

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If you can look past the rain – there’s the Empire State

Yes, you can schlep uptown to the Met and see much of the world in a day. Or you can catch the subway straight to the lower level doors of the Museum of Natural History and avoid the rain altogether. (see one of our previous New York stories here for hints and tips to do New York on a budget). Or YOU can look at the sky and say “I’m going to have the best #%$&+@! day ever.”

rainy This Magnificent LifeA little rain never hurt anybody. Hey, I know; it rains nearly everywhere I go. If you’ve got an umbrella (ask the hotel front desk if you don’t), a Metro Card and you’re not wearing your ‘dress thongs’, you can have one helluva day. Here are my top 5 things to do on a rainy New York day.


It might not seem like the thing to do in the rain but as long as it’s not bucketing cats and dogs, the 2.3km Highline will be much more fun and less crowded. You can take your time and take in all the art and design of the former West Side Line. (A New York Central Railroad spur). The High Line stretches from West 34th Street and 11th Street, near the Javits Center to Gansevoort St – three blocks south of 14th Street.

The architecture, the plantings, murals and the people all make it a novel way to see how Manhattanites live. Real Estate prices have boomed in the neighbourhood since the Highline was finished. Reports of amorous Standard Hotel guests enjoying the audience-appreciation is just a rumour.

Or take a walk around your neighbourhood. You will be surprised what’s right on your doorstep. Take your time and look up beyond the hoardings, restaurants and stores at the city’s architecture – it can be breathtaking. From Beaux Arts head-spinners to Art Deco wonders and De-constructivist marvels – the beauty is all around.

rainy This Magnificent Life
The Irish Hunger Memorial

We discovered our hotel near Battery Park was just across the street from the Irish Hunger Memorial. Commemorating the Great Irish Famine (1845-1852) the sobering memorial includes an authentic 19th-century Irish cottage. Stones from across Ireland and soil and vegetation from Ireland’s West Coast were incorporated into the structure. It is probably at it’s best on a rainy day.

rainy This Magnificent LifeOr take a walk in Central Park. Yes, it might seem prettier when it’s sunny but the trees glisten and the architecture doesn’t seem out of place in the rain.


Perhaps New York’s most famous (and photographed) church is Fifth Avenue’s St Patrick’s Cathedral. Across the street from the Rockefeller Center and the Atlas statue, the cathedral makes a fine place to sit and wonder a while. The stained glass, the Pieta and the Tiffany altars alone make this an iconic New York landmark. Book ahead for tours.

rainy This Magnificent Life
St Patrick’s magnificent interior

A little further along Fifth Avenue is St Thomas’s – striking both inside and out. This French Flamboyant Gothic masterpiece like St Patrick’s Cathedral is an official New York City Landmark.

rainy This Magnificent Life
St Thomas’s Church

rainy This Magnificent LifeYou could try another much-loved New York tradition: cocktails. Stay warm and cozy in a local bar or try Oliver Wilde Bar on West 27th between 5th and 6th Avenues. The outrageous interior design might be the drawcard but it’s the cocktails and delectable food that will keep you there.

rainy This Magnificent LifeAfter marvelling at Grand Central Station’s spectacular main concourse, drink something delicious at any of the grand bars. Under the stars at Michael Jordan’s seems just the place for a dry martini or you can go full Don Draper with an Old Fashioned. Toast the city that never sleeps and forget about how rainy it is outside.


Dylan Lauren opened her pioneering ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar‘ in 2001. A sweet blend of a little Willy Wonka, a good dose of high fashion (she is a Lauren after all) and giant lollipop tree, you might get a sugar high just from the sweet scents.

This is not a quiet place. Between the eye-popping colours and kids who have just had too much sugar, this is noisy and fun. Embrace your inner nine-year-old and be dazzled.

rainy This Magnificent LifeIf candy, jelly beans, chocolate, gummy bears, or lollipops aren’t your thing try the sundaes or a cookie butter milkshake. This psychedelic temple devoted to the worship of sugar has a long cocktail list too.

Or if you’re in the neighbourhood, Little Italy is the place for gelato. Caffe Palermo or Ferrara Bakery and Cafe in Little Italy are straight out of the Sopranos with every kind of rainy day comfort.


The fun of spotting celebrities never stops for the rain. Movie and television stars have to eat and catch the subway just like the rest of us. In seven trips to NYC, we have spotted (in no particular order), Kelly Osbourne, Andy Samberg, Parker Posey, Willem Dafoe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stevie Wonder, Naomi Campbell and Lewis Hamilton. There are no photos. In New York, you must keep your cool – please, please don’t ask for a selfie. That’s so L.A.











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Liz Bond comes from a PR background and loves fine wine, great food and rewarding travel - all the magnificent things in life. She prides herself in meeting famous celebrities at baggage carousels.

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