Building a Luxury Pool Yourself

Luxurious pools

Having your own luxury swimming pool seems like a pipe dream, doesn’t it. It may not be as unreachable as you think. With some planning, you can have a DIY luxury pool without spending a fortune.

First, decide what would turn an ordinary pool into a luxury pool for you. For some people, it is most a matter of the landscaping around the pool that does it. For you, it might be more. Here are a few ideas that might be what you want.

Create a waterfall that spills right into the pool. You can go modern and make it look like a stone wall with water coming from several openings in the wall. You could also make it look like a natural waterfall of rocks of various sizes studded with plants and flowers. To add a dramatic effect for nighttime to either design, add lights so they shine through the falling water.

You might consider a swim up bar the epitome of luxury. Whether you choose to have a waterfall or not, you can design the kind of swim up bar you want. You might want to have a fire pit near the swim up bar or you might want something even more fantastic. How about a large screen TV or movie screen in a specially built tiki hut that allows it to be viewed from anywhere in the pool? You can’t get much more luxurious than floating while watching the latest movie or your favorite television show.

These are all wonderful ideas that you can do yourself. Before you make up your mind on one, though, it would be a good idea to do some pricing on the materials needed. Don’t think you can only choose one of the ideas. Just choose the one to start with based on what you can do the soonest. Draw out your plan to include everything you want to add over time and be sure you keep it where you can look it over from time to time.

Start with the idea you want most or is most doable now. Once it is completed, you can start setting aside the funds for the next step. It won’t be too long before you have a DIY fibreglass pool that is just as nice as any of the professionally done luxury pools.

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