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Our readers love to read. Not about the ordinary and the average, but about the extraordinary and the magnificent.

[wc_testimonial by="Google Analytics" url="" position="left"]7.14 pages/session, 3.74% bounce rate, average session duration 3.45 min[/wc_testimonial]

Our readers love to be involved. Recent promotions with the Hilton Hotel Brisbane and Brokenwood Winery, have succeeded beyond even our expectations.

[wc_testimonial by="Lauretta Parker Marketing Executive Brokenwood Wines" url="" position="left"]"We found ThisMagnificentLife to be professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated to providing a successful and user friendly experience. We would definitely recommend partnership for campaigns such as this…" [/wc_testimonial]

Our readership is growing, week on week. Everyday we gain new, quality followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pinterest. Our social media reach is impressive.

Not surprisingly, our readership has an Australian skew (M/F 52/48%), but we are also read throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our readers love to discover the latest trends in food, wine, travel, fashion, design...anything that's magnificent in Australia and around the globe. They appreciate the simple and the extravagant, the sublime and the exceptional

[wc_testimonial by="Kimberley Roberts – Manager Marketing and Communications Hilton Brisbane. July 4 2014" url="" position="left"]"The team at This Magnificent Life from the outset understood the hotel’s business objectives and could articulate a campaign that ensured cut through with their subscribers in an effort to target a potential new leisure market for the hotel. The team at This Magnificent Life genuinely care and understand their client’s needs, and demonstrate exceptional attention to detail and a savvy eye for the hospitality and tourism industry. I could not recommend This Magnificent Life enough!"[/wc_testimonial]

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