“Smell the green” purity essential oils

Available in EmporiumAt first flush you would think that Zelda Campisi was a quiet, somewhat reserved woman, content with living a quiet life.

Mmmm don’t be fooled.

She is a dynamo, passionate about her Purity Essential Oils certified organic farm, and her family.

For a number of years Zelda taught and practiced beauty therapy and body massage in the Northern Territory. Then, with a conscious decision to ‘change our lifestyle’  Zelda and her partner upped the family and moved to a 57 hectare (140 acre) farm in Goomboorian.
Where? Goomboorian is about halfway between Gympie and Tin Can Bay in South East Queensland. The difference between the Northern Territory and a farm just north of the magnificent Sunshine Coast couldn’t be more pronounced.

The Native Lemon Myrtle

The farm was a serendipitous discovery. Zelda had had some native Lemon Myrtle trees in the Territory, but the farm was a Lemon Myrtle plantation, just waiting for her to transform it into something special. Which is exactly what she and her family have done. Pure Essential Oils grow all their own certified organic essential oil plants. That means that there are no chemicals used in the growth, maintenance or harvesting of the trees. And because they are native trees, having adapted over thousands of years to Australia’s harsh climate, they aren’t even watered. And to do away with chemical fertilisers all the trees self-mulch.


Former Miss Australia Kimberley Busteed sampling the uplifting aroma
Former Miss Australia Kimberley Busteed sampling the uplifting aroma

“The cleaner the environment, and the less work we do with the trees, the more pure the oil is and the higher the citral content. Our citral is the highest content you can have…it averages 98% pure.”

To put that into perspective lemons have 7% citral content.
But what is it about organic Lemon Myrtle and other essential oils like Tea Tree that gets Zelda so excited?

Just 3 of the magnificent products

“Well for a start, they are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal so they are a perfect product for the home. And secondly they are so pure, so natural…the aroma is so uplifting and calming…I like to say “you can smell the green!
And, she notes, you can pick the difference between organic and non-organic essential oils…simply by the purity of the aroma.

Zelda is a conundrum. A dynamo of an entrepreneur, passionate about her business and her essential oils. And yet when asked “What was your proudest moment at the plantation?” we expected to hear about a significant sales target being reached. Instead the reply was much more authentic:

“When I watched my whole family…partner and 4 sons, taking part in the harvest,  it made me feel very special”

There should be more people like Zelda.


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