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The little black book by Champagne Lanson

We mark milestones with it. We drink it to celebrate and sometimes to commiserate. Some of history’s greatest wits and raconteurs have written of their undying admiration of it. ‘It’ is of course, Champagne.

Champagne Lanson This Magnificent LifeAccording to our favourite wine expert Tyson Stelzer* and his Champagne Report 2017 we love to drink it:

  • In 2015 we drank a record 8.11 million bottles with Australia the world’s 7th largest champagne market and 5th in numbers of bottles drunk per person.
  • No country outside Europe drinks more champagne per person than Australia.
  • Of Champagne’s top 10 markets in 2016, Australia is dominated by non-vintage champagne.
  • Australia has one of the lowest average spends per bottle.
  • For every 30 bottles of champagne popped in Australia, fewer than one is Rosé.

Champagne Lanson This Magnificent LifeBut what does the average champagne drinker really know about those delicious, glistening bubbles? Events like Taste Champagne* and classes held by authorities such as Bernadette O’Shea guide our understanding and palates. They share their insights, the history and the romance of champagne. You can also learn much from ‘The Little Black Book of Champagne’.

Champagne Lanson This Magnificent LifeThe fourth oldest of the champagne houses, Champagne Lanson created the Little Black Book to celebrate their 250th anniversary in 2010. This information packed book imparts knowledge on all aspects of the champagne process, styles, history and anecdotes for champagne novices and aficionados alike.

Champagne Lanson This Magnificent LifeDid you know there are approximately, 45 million bubbles in a single bottle of champagne? Or that when Méthode Champenoise was developed champagne production grew from 300,000 bottles to 20 million bottles per year. What really is Saignee method?

Do you know your Nebuchadnezzer from your Melchizedek?

The fermentation process – Non-malolactic or Malolactic is where style begins. Champagne Lanson is the only major Champagne house that chooses to avoid MLF by using the traditional fermentation technique.

Champagne Lanson This Magnificent LifeInstead, Champagne Lanson Black Label is aged for a minimum three years to balance the acidity. Champagne Lanson Black Label is widely considered an ideal aperitif. With a fresh, citrusy nose it has a crispness that peaks the appetite and wakes up the palate. Or as the label calls it: the perfect start.

To obtain your own copy of the Champagne Lanson Little Black Book of Champagne:

*During Tyson’s annual Taste Champagne events (the most comprehensive champagne showcase in Australia) all styles from every sector – houses, growers, cooperatives, non-vintage, vintage, Rosé and prestige are featured. In 2017, Taste Champagne will feature 214 Cuveés from 74 Champagne houses. Tickets for the Melbourne event are still available:












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