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This season’s must-have bag. Praloucci’s Le Sac incroyable

We have our insiders.

We were alerted to something tres chaud and chic from this House last season but waited till now to share it with our readers.

Someone close to the House, a disgruntled cutter who peutetre has said more than she should, informed us the new collection would have an arresting Northern European influence. More precisely Scandinavian, she said. The secret word kraft had been heard whispered in the atelier.

Some samples smuggled out we have been able to view. Our information is that the size large is on the bottom, the small is on the top.

The idea, perfectly in line these days with so many luxury goods, such as fine wine, is minimum intervention. Nature must be allowed to run its course to make its own statements, to maintain it’s own lines of precocity.

In this collection, we were to see an extensive use of unborn Cellulose. Other whispers were of Hemicellulose and Polyose.

Don’t you just love those Swedes when they set their mind to something?


You will notice that, almost after the first use, the surface perfectly preserves the delightfully random striations that occur naturally in the lifeline of this bag from primary iteration to everyday utility.

This Magnificent Life
Inside is a virtual symphony of precision-planned minimalism

The design is heartbreakingly simple.

One can only take in one’s breath at the precise manipulation of minimalism, the economy of the beautifully judged laminar planes connected by crisp interfaces. Lines deliberately and sharply placed for maximum dramatic effect while staying true to its sense of unwavering economy.

The observer can only try to become one with the genius that conceived this. The mind pulsates to follow the processes, the calculation of the steps and the final elation in the delivery of such perfection.

Comment se faire?

We are of course unable, not at all unwilling, but literally unable to reveal the manufacturing processes.

Naturally, no details from the House are forthcoming.

The obverse and reverse. The workmanship superb. The symmetry is startling. So clever

But stories have filtered through to us that insiders say that the exquisite semi-diamond patterns at the topmost edges of Le Sac I bag are cut by hand by elderly ladies, many retired surgeons, skilled in the use of the scalpel. We are unable to confirm these stories, but there is no doubting the lyrical precision in these borders

In a world that seems to have lost its stern singularity, where the ubiquitous, popular and eclectic are commonly admired we respectfully dip our chapeau to the Praloucci people for their defiant single-mindedness.

The presque arrogance of the simplicity will make you gasp at its barefaced posture. This is believed to be a prototype for the taller woman

No tote, no bucket, no padded straps, no quilting, no clasps just a sturdily stand-alone clutch.

The undeniably sleek and slender profile is meticulously maintained by the studied absence of interior linings, pockets and zips.

It is even sans logo.

Some previously spoiled individuals may find this not to their experience or liking but ladies how much should you be carrying when you step out?

Will we see it? Thought to be an atelier experiment. May we one day choose a sac with shoulder length handles?

This year, strictly minimal is the mantra.

In thought word and deed … and certainly with one’s accessories.

A stylish but thoughtfully dressed woman will surely need no more than this uncluttered and easily accessed interior.

The ageing factor

Every precious item improves with age, n’est pas?

The patina derived from careful but continuous usage is a true indicator of the worth of one’s possessions.

Tested almost to destruction but still stylish. A well-maintained piece from last season boasts the patina of its owner’s luxurious lifestyle.

You will note in the accompanying picture Un Sac that has had almost two days of use.

The striations and folds now apparent speak to the inherent quality. And its individuality we can assure you that no two bags will ever develop an identical pattern. Should you encounter another seemingly similar, especially in the tense circumstances of a fully formal occasion, a simple nod of approval will be sufficient recognition, secure in the knowledge that the developing characteristics of yours will always be as individual as you.

To stare and compare would be vulgar and unforgivable.

Which size are you?

Of course, the House allows several sizes.

A cynical observer might think that the lead has been taken from the European standard on paper shopping bags.

However, we were assured they have been carefully planned and measured.


Our spies brought us this shot. Is it merely an unfinished sample moins the House’s distinctive zig-zags or perhaps a headstrong designer going out on a limn? M. Praloucci may not be amused

There have been whispers of two-ply or even alfoil linings. We put these rumours down to copyists.

Any other colours?

Would any other colour be contemplated?

We must say that one of our spies in the Rue de l’Apparent Fantastie told us breathlessly that she had spotted, and managed to Galaxy, what appeared to be a prototype in white. When one of their designers laughingly tried to pass it off as one of her lunch bags, we were not convinced. We don’t buy it. A design breakthrough such as this must be open to wider possibilities. There could be white in the wings. We entreat you to keep your minds and eyes open.

What is a girl’s bag to carry after lipstick and tissues? Certainly not money but something infinitely more satisfying

Meanwhile, you did hear it here first.

It is up to you to act decisively.


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