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Young & Co – you can judge a wine by its label

Your mother always told you not to judge a book by its cover. But what about a wine label? Australian winemakers have embraced bold, out of left field labels for their wines. Often to tell the story behind the wine or vineyard. Young & Co labels let you know that the wine inside is fun, fruit driven and luscious. These elegant and delicious wines are certainly that and more.

Young & Co This Magnficent Life
Image: Tim Bond Photography

Remember WYSIWYG? Young & Co does just that with their colourful, sexy labels for their new lip-smacking range. The three wine range features three reds – ‘The Jam’ Shiraz, ‘Cherry Bomb’ Pinot Noir and ‘Berry Riot’ French Grenache. White varietals and a rosé will be here in plenty of time for summer.

Each of these incredibly drinkable, ruby red wines are captured perfectly by each individual label. Unashamedly designed for Instagram these wines are true expressions of the fruit within.  These labels give inexperienced wine-drinkers a guide to the style and taste of each bottle.

Samantha Benney, Marketing Manager, Young & Co, said “Research tells us flavour is the #1 consideration for consumers when they are purchasing alcoholic beverages, excluding price and promotions. This combined with wine drinkers becoming more adventurous with their palate and seeking out different regions, varietals and styles, means that the new Young & Co range ticks all the boxes in delivering tantalising taste experience”.

If it looks good – drink it

According to the Global Trends in Wine 2019 report, consumers are becoming more visual when choosing their wine. Through the growing influence of smartphones and social media we now have a very visual economy, where we navigate via visual cues and wine consumers are basing their purchase decision on the visual appeal of the label or bottle.

Young & Co This Magnificent Life
Image: Tim Bond Photography

If acclaimed premium drinkware manufacturer Reidel believes the quality of glass can influence how we believe the wine tastes, it must be just as important for labels. What we taste usually depends on how good it looks.

Fun not Fussiness

Young & Co has gone for fun with promises of a flavour sensation in every glass. No these labels are not in the classic (read boring) French or Italian style where you have to really look to find the information you’re looking for. 

Young & Co This Magnificent Life
Image: Tim Bond Photography

Many Aussie drinkers are now buying quality over quantity. If you don’t know too much about wine ‘lore’ it can make you more adventurous in your selection. “Hints of leather” or ‘cut green grass’ doesn’t mean much unless you have done some wine appreciation classes. 

These Young & Co wines are all about fun. Drinking wine should always be about fun. You really shouldn’t take anything too seriously including wine. 

But what do they taste like? It’s all about that fruit

Let’s face it, you really have no idea how anything really tastes until you put it in your mouth. 

The Jam – McLaren Vale Shiraz

Young & Co This Magnficent Life
Image: Tim Bond Photography

Aussie Shiraz. You gotta love it. This is a delightful wine and unlike most Shiraz is incredibly approachable. I won’t say it’s soft because that sounds far too girly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Deep, rubiest of reds, it says winter in a glass. Roaring fires and perfect for matching with something hearty like beef. True to shiraz there’s a touch of spice as well as serious blackberry-ness. 

Berry Riot – French Grenache 

Grenache is steadily growing a market foothold as a single varietal. It used to be most Australian Grenache was part of a GSM blend with Shiraz and Mourvèdre or Mataro. With the world’s oldest vines right here in Oz (yes, older than anywhere else) it’s good to know it’s steadily gaining a reputation on its own.

This French bombshell is elegant and full of ripe, fruit flavour. Provocative but very satisfying.

Cherry Bomb – French Pinot Noir

From the south of France, this is a crowd pleaser. No prizes for guessing that hints of dark cherry make this one for the dinner table. It’s vibrant red is the starting point for this very drinkable drop.This Magnficent Life

Young & Co is available now from BWS nationally and retails for $25 (RRP).

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